Revitalising Restaurants With Improved Online Ordering

The FoodGuru platform provides restaurants with more visibility, and can help them increase their existing customer base through the use of Online Ordering.

The COVID–19 pandemic has changed the way we live, work and even eat, with many businesses being forced to shut down in order to implement effective social distancing measures. The restaurant industry has been especially hard hit due to #Covid19, and restaurants are realizing the need to become more digitally driven with many introducing a form of online ordering and delivery, in order to stay afloat.

Online food delivery is not a new concept and has seen a steady increase in recent years. With more and more consumers demanding the need for convenience, many restaurants have subsequently implemented an online delivery model. There are however some smaller restaurants, bakeries, butcheries and fresh produce suppliers that may not necessarily have experience with off-premises dining and setting it up may seem like a daunting task. However, every retailer within the food industry, whether they currently offer a delivery service or not, will need to reorganise their operation in a different way to ensure they adapt to the current climate.

At FoodGuru, our unique aim is to provide a platform where communities within various suburbs have direct access to their local restaurants. Customers are able to view restaurant menus via WhatsApp, Messenger, Web and FoodGuru applications, and order directly from the respective restaurant in their area.

With more visibility, restaurants can increase their existing customer base and elect to either provide a ‘Click & Collect’ service to their customers or use the FoodGuru ‘Self-delivery’ platform to arrange delivery to their customer. The FoodGuru platform is also a more cost-effective application. FoodGuru only charges 9.75% of the order value which includes credit card and social media charges.

Click and Collect Service for Online Ordering

With this service, restaurants receive online orders directly from customers, through the FoodGuru application which is a simple dashboard that is easily accessed through the internet via their PCs, tablets or their existing PoS system. All operational aspects such as the date and menu availability, order times, preparation times, minimum orders and delivery charges are easily configured and menus, pricing, and other settings allow restaurants to create specific online offerings for their customers, all of which help increase their bottom line.

Self-Delivery Service for Online Ordering

With this service, restaurants are able to provide local delivery to their customers through the FoodGuru delivery management platform. Customers can also track their order and the restaurant is able to communicate any changes to their customers, instantly.

Getting Started

To make use of the FoodGuru Platform, restaurants can sign up through an online application form providing the FoodGuru team with info such as their restaurant name and location. Once the application form is received, the FoodGuru team gets started on the set-up which can be completed in as little as 24 hours. Login details will be sent to the restaurant operator and once logged in, restaurant operators are able to upload menus and set up preferences. Once all is set up and the restaurant is live, the FoodGuru team will market the restaurant via their app and web site.

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