We love restaurants

In fact, we love bars, coffee shops, taverns and spazas just as much. Without
you, society would be a much poorer place, culturally and financially.

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We love restaurants

In fact, we love bars, coffee shops, taverns and spazas just as much. Without
you, society would be a much poorer place, culturally and financially.

The Coronavirus has changed the world as we know it. Understandably, business models are going to have to change as we get used to living in the “new (ab)normal”. The FoodGuru platform is here to help you survive and thrive by assisting you through the 5 levels of COVID-19 and beyond.

Survival mode

Under the new regulations, level 3 allows restaurants to provide food delivery as well as collection.

Our Affordable Food Delivery Solution

For many restaurants, the high costs associated with running the kitchen for delivery only are just not financially feasible. In survival mode restaurants are faced with higher per-order costs of between 25% – 30%, therefore offering a delivery option is far from cheap. If the average delivery cost is R30, either the restaurant or the customer must pay the additional costs. On a R300 order that is 10%. To combat this and make delivery a possibility for all restaurants, FoodGuru puts innovative technology, at no additional charge, in your hands. Now you have the power to take control of the delivery process in terms of quality and cost. You decide how much you can afford to pay and arrange delivery through your own means. If you are unable to provide delivery, you still have the option to pay third parties to assist.

At FoodGuru we charge a platform usage fee of 9.95%, which excludes the actual delivery fee, but includes other associated costs such as credit card fees, platform charges and merchant apps. This is a highly competitive fee and is around 4% – 5% less than other online ordering and delivery platforms on small orders and substantially more on large orders. In survival model, we understand that everything is about reducing your costs and our goal is to help you do just that.


Our Click and Collect Solution

The inclusion of a “Click and Collect” alternative for restaurants under Level 3, provides restaurants with a saving on delivery charges. We are firm believers that communities should be supporting their local restaurants through self-pick up. We know that delivery orders below R300 in value often result in a loss to restaurants, so we offer a smarter, more innovative way to curb this.

Communities do not want to see their high street die. FoodGuru will be putting hyper local campaigns out to areas that you operate in to encourage communities to support their restaurants through click and collect.

Besides providing a affordable food delivery service to restaurants, FoodGuru also has an option whereby we facilitate a financed option to own your own scooter. You can either provide your own driver or we can provide a dedicated driver for you. In either case we offer a ground-breaking delivery app known as, FoodGuru Drive, free of charge. This app can be installed to your driver phone and you can easily track and manage all the deliveries, similar to an Uber driver.

We have found that many restaurants have existing staff that have bikes and cars and are able to assist during survival mode. This not only assists restaurants in reaching more customers but also gives them the opportunity to retain and utilise their valuable staff.

Another reason that we love this model is that restaurants can control the speed of delivery and ensure that all food delivered is of the highest quality. Hot food in under 30 minutes should be the norm. Speak to us about this option.

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affordable food delivery service
aaffordable food delivery

Operational Mode

Your affordable food delivery service should be established by now. As we move closer to level 2 and ultimately level 1, restaurants will be able to accept dine-in customers, but will need to adhere to various regulations, such as social distancing.

No one knows how long social distancing is going to be with us, but we expect it will be for quite some time. Other factors that are going to be relevant in this stage are health and safety requirements that restaurants will have to adhere to.

The Foodguru platform provides a range of software and hardware solutions that will make this transition easier, will be compliant with government regulations, and will equally provide customers with peace of mind knowing that you are providing a safe environment to dine in.

We provide tools to manage social distancing, thermal screening options, bacteria irradiation, masks, and sanitizers. For a full view of these must have solutions, click here

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Efficiency Mode

We believe that if you are not a software business in the future, you may be out of business. It is very important for restaurants to be fully digital in the way in which they generate business, and the way in which they run their business.

We have a comprehensive suite of services that can transform your venue into a hyper efficient ‘Connected restaurant’. Click here for more info.

Managing communications with staff and shift schedules can become onerous and inefficient through apps like WhatsApp. Foodguru provides your restaurant with your own closed communications app with features that help in running your restaurant more efficiently. Click here for more info.

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FoodGuru affordable food delivery

Growth Mode

Cutting costs, adhering to government restrictions and being more efficient certainly puts you on track, but we need to get back to growing your business.

Most restaurants communicate with their customers through social media messaging, review sites, web chat, text, or Instant Messaging platforms such as WhatsApp. FoodGuru combines these channels into a single interface, which saves you from having to login to a different platform every time. For more info click here.

FoodGuru will certainly provide you with the tools to grow your revenue, but restaurants also need to digitally market themselves independently to local communities to ensure 100% occupancy. To this end we provide a cost-effective campaign manager that allows you to target hyper local communities, whether your budget is R100, or R1000. Add on your affordable food delivery and it’s a win win situation.

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FoodGuru is a powerful platform that can help in many aspects of the day to day running of your restaurant. Our survival depends on your survival. Let us work together to build new business models and keep communities, and our culture of hospitality thriving.

Let FoodGuru guide your restaurant to the digital era

Whether you use your laptop or mobile phone, you can streamline your restaurant operations with an easy-to-use platform that aggregates many of your day to day operations into a single view, saving you time and frustration.

Customer Conversations

No more missed conversations or reviews from your valued customers. We offer convenient multiple communication channel management, for FREE.


Providing a private chat and social engagement application to communicate with staff more effectively. Keep your private and business life separate by scheduling and connecting with your staff directly through the FoodGuru platform.

Online Orders

Do away with countless tablets littering your counter space and avoid common ordering and delivery mistakes. All your online food orders are delivered directly through your existing point of sale system.


Stock your restaurant with the click of a button and receive exclusive perks and discounts specially negotiated for you, by FoodGuru.

Connected Kitchen

Get instant notifications alerting you of any equipment issues such as a temperature spike in a fridge, or a gas leak. Adding sensors to your equipment will allow you to monitor your equipment, at any time, from anywhere.

Operating under Covid-19

Social distancing is going to be with us for a while as the world continues to restrict infections by controlling our proximity to each other. Restaurants will have to adhere to these policies and change their business models to make up lost revenue.

FoodGuru Covid Package

6.95% of order value excluding delivery *

Restaurants signing up to the Covid Package are provided the following features for FREE when they sign up for Online Ordering

Online Ordering

  • Merchant app to manage your menus for Delivery and Collect
  • Uber style driver app to manage your self deliveries
Add on
  • Option to own your own scooter and use a dedicated Foodguru driver​
  • FoodGuru Android Tablet to manage orders – R1699


  • Manage all customer conversations channels one screen e.g. Facebook, Whatsapp etc
  • Manage and get notified of all of your public mentions and reviews e.g. Google
Add on
  • Manage all of your incoming messages from your customers on a single screen e.g. Facebook, Whatsapp etc
  • From as little as R0.10 per customer targetted


  • FoodGuru provides a secure restaurant messenger interface that acts as a central hub with customised ‘WhatsApp and Instagram’ style features for everyday restaurant use
  • No need for restaurant managers to use their private Whatsapp for restaurant management
Add on
  • No need for restaurant managers to use their private Whatsapp for staff and office communication


  • Foodguru provides your restaurant with an application to comply with governments guidance and restrictions on social distancing within your seating area
Add on
  • Foodguru provides your restaurant with a facilities pack once you have opened your doors
  • Price R3800 excl delivery

* – Online ordering package excludes customer credit card charges. Currently 1.9%

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Affordable food delivery service

affordable food delivery


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affordable food delivery


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