Why FoodGuru?
FoodGuru is All Things Food. Easy.

About Us

Established in 2019, the FoodGuru platform is a first of its kind in South Africa and a pioneer to the Food 2.0 Revolution, aimed at supporting Restaurants, and Eateries of all sizes.

FoodGuru is a passionate joint venture between two technology companies: Fastcomm and XLink Communications. Fastcomm’s innovation and engineering teams continuously develop products that have enhanced businesses in the USA, Europe and Africa. XLink Communications is a South African business with its focus on providing end-to-end connectivity solutions to its nationwide customers for over 16 years. FoodGuru is made possible by Fastcomm and XLink’s shared expertise, hard-earned pedigree and culture of innovation.

Why FoodGuru? FoodGuru makes life easy for restaurants, convenience stores, suppliers and consumers. It streamlines business processes, increases access to supplies and creates new channels to market – all through the convenience of one app. FoodGuru is All Things Food. Easy.

FoodGuru partners with restaurants and eateries, of all sizes, and provides platform-enabled self-managed and outsourced solutions that show on the bottom line. 

This is the new context: The tools required to operate in the food-services industry today and the ingredients for successful 21st-century businesses.

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