Get steady revenues from your local community through online orders

FoodGuru provides you orders by giving users access to your menus via Whatsapp, Messenger, web and FoodGuru applications. Restaurants can elect to provide a ‘Click & Collect’ service or use our groundbreaking “Self Delivery” platform.

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Your customers send orders through everyday apps




Beautifully designed with minimal clicks to payment

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Restaurants receive orders through a simple dashboard that is accessed through the internet via PC, tablet or your POS system.

Operational aspects such as date and menu availability, order times, preparation times, minimum orders and delivery charges are easily configured

Menus, pricing and a host of settings allow restaurants to create specific online offerings.

Track your operational and financial performance. Monitor marketing campaigns and promotional activity.

If your restaurant has elected to provide local delivery you can use our groundbreaking delivery management platform

Allow your Customers to track their order and keep them updated when things change, so they don’t have to worry about delivery ever again.

Track your delivery runners real time

We provide your runners with a free app.

Your runners will receive visual and sound notification when an order is arrived or assigned, even when the app is closed.

With every delivery done, your runner closes the delivery task and records fulfilment of the order.

How do I get onboard and what do you charge?

Firstly we can help you get set up for free or you can create an account and set yourself up on your own. If you want us to onboard you please fill in this form and we will get you setup. So what do we charge? We are the most cost effective service in the business.
9.75% of the order value
  • This includes all credit card charges, platform costs to Whatsapp, FoodGuru etc.
  • Free set up, no subscription costs and no commitments.

9.75% of the order value

  • This includes all credit card charges, platform costs to Whatsapp, FoodGuru etc.
  • Free set up, no subscription costs and no commitments.
  • Free tracking platform and runner app
  • R3 per tracked delivery. This cost can be passed onto your customer as part of your delivery charge

StepS to getting started


Welcome to the Foodguru set up. Please tell us about your restaurant by filling out the below form.


After you have completed the form we will load your location onto the platform and send you login details. Once you have logged in you will be able to upload your menus and set your preferences.

Frequently asked questions

Every restaurant needs to have a valid Certificate of Acceptability for Food Premises. Business owners need to ensure that the appropriate health inspections are carried out.

Yes, we have a ground-breaking “dispatch & track” service whereby your customers and runners can get live updates of the status of their food delivery

If you have filled out the form correctly, we will get you up and running within 24 hours. It is up to you how quickly you can upload your menus, pricing and set your preferences. If you have a large menu and want to include photos of every item it could take up to 2 hours to go live. We will then market your restaurant via our apps and web site. It also helps to direct your own customers to the service through your general marketing as well!

Well there are two ways to do this:

  1. Foodguru provides you a management console via the web or applications. You can therefore access the console via a PC, tablet or even an app on your phone. You will get notified or ‘pinged’ as orders come in. You can either enter the order into your POS system or you can print the order directly to your kitchen’s thermal printer.
  2. If you want a more automated process you can chat to us about getting your POS system linked directly to FoodGuru. We already have a number of POS systems integrated.