Merchant Information


Some of our In-Store services include:

Table Bookings. Easy

The FoodGuru platform offers a number of tools to make the customer experience within a restaurant seamless, with customers being able to book tables and view menus, either through the FoodGuru app or website.

Keeping Safe. Easy

FoodGuru provides your customers with a COVID-19 hospitality passport that the restaurant scans, making the whole process of entry and compliance, seamless. No queuing, no form filling, no fuss.

Dine-in Payments. Easy

Coming Soon!

Once guests are seated, the restaurant has the ability to generate a unique QR code for each table that guests can scan using their normal phone camera. Orders are easily placed by all parties at the table and are sent to the kitchen without needing waiters. At the end of the meal, the bill is paid directly to the restaurant via a split bill or a single payment.

Coming Soon!

Connected Kitchen. Easy

Get instant notifications alerting you of any equipment issues such as a temperature spike in a fridge, or a gas leak. Adding sensors to your equipment will allow you to monitor your equipment, at any time, from anywhere.


Some of our Online services include:

Click and Collect. Easy

FoodGuru empowers restaurants of all sizes to eliminate the high cost of third-party commission fees. The platform provides restaurants with the flexibility to maintain and control costs by offering Click and Collect functionality, as well as Delivery functionality. Restaurants are given their own merchant app to receive and manage orders from the front office to the kitchen.

Deliveries. Easy

FoodGuru provides two delivery options, third party delivery or self-delivery. Third-party is where we deliver on your behalf. 

Under self-delivery we recognise that you may want to use your own staff for deliveries. We provide your runners with a free comprehensive app where you get to pocket the delivery charge. Your runners will receive visual and sound notification when an order has arrived or been assigned, even when the app is closed.

Customer Communications. Easy

Coming Soon!

For most restaurants customer communication is received via their website, social media messaging, review sites, web chat, text or instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp. The Platform combines these channels into a single interface without having to manually manage each channel separately. This service is provided free!

Coming Soon!

Staff Communication. Easy

The Platform provides a private chat and social engagement application to enable you to communicate with your staff more effectively. Keep your private and business life separate by scheduling and connecting with your staff directly through the FoodGuru platform.