Employee Engagement

FoodGuru provides a secure restaurant messenger interface that acts as a central hub with customised ‘WhatsApp and Instagram’ style features for everyday restaurant use. We have made collaboration simple – if you can use WhatsApp and Instagram then you can easily use FoodGuru.

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There is no need to use your personal phone and apps for staff communication. Easily manage chats, media and documents with staff through through your own Restaurant software.


FoodGuru provides your restaurant or individual location its own private Instagram. Channels can easily be set up and followed whether they are social, meeting, event, HR updates or general employee engagement channels.

Staff can follow and use rich media to comment and make posts.

FoodGuru takes the clutter out of email and legacy apps through intelligent collaboration of media, files and tasks within the team structure. Easily search for conversations, files, media, links and locations within a channel or a topic of conversation.


FoodGuru provides tools to manage day to day life in your restaurant easier, such as, task management, shift scheduling, events and polls.


Instant communication through 1:1 or group chats as well as HD voice calls. With your staff contacts at your fingertips you can start a conversation or call with anyone in the group. ​

​FoodGuru supports iOS, Android and web applications.​