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Additional Features

Most restaurants customer conversations are via social media messaging, review sites, web chat, text or Instant Messaging platforms such as Whatsapp. FoodGuru combines these channels into a single interface without having to separately login every time.

FoodGuru has rich features with a seamless experience across web and mobile applications.

Reviews & Public Mentions Analysis

Boost marketing & sales efforts using consumer behaviour analysis.

Live reviews across popular channels. Foodguru aggregates Facebook, Google and Tripadvisor reviews into a single interface to respond immediately as notifications are received.

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Chat & Messaging
Collaborate, communicate and manage conversations the smart way. Real-time customer conversations We help you engage with your customers throughout their journey across all of your communication channels. Never miss an opportunity to connect, is readily available for both web and mobile applications.
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AI & Chatbots

Blend human intellect and AI to create better interactions.



Practical AI Applications
FoodGuru combines the power of human brilliance and AI, to provide solutions to restaurant problems, such as improved customer service. If you are a multi restaurant group speak to us on how Machine learning and human intellect come together to create cohesive, well-rounded teams that can tackle any question, no matter how complex.

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Knowledge & Management

Impress your customers with a personalised approach.


Optimize your business knowledge.
Use your restaurant content and FAQs to provide canned responses to your customers, whether it is the latest specials being sent via pdf on Whatsapp or a loyalty voucher via your webchat.

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Consumer Analysis

Boost marketing and sales efforts using consumer behaviour analysis.
Consumer behaviour
measurement & analysis
Foodguru provides comprehensive insights to your consumer trends and their behaviours, to help strengthen and measure your marketing & sales efforts

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